PT2Go is credentialed through major insurance companies and we offer low cash rates. All treatment sessions are one on one with the physical therapist.

PT2Go participates with the following insurance companies:

  • Medicare
  • Tricare
  • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

Please call to determine your plan’s benefits, co-pays, and/or co-insurance

Starting out as a cash only service, we understand the need for an affordable option for quality care. Our fee schedule is as follows:

Physical Therapy Initial Evaluation———————————————————$95

Physical Therapy In-Clinic Treatment Sessions

  • Tier 1 (one hour)—————————————————————————–$95
  • Tier 2 (1/2 hour)——————————————————————————$60

Physical Therapy Mobile Visit Treatment Sessions———————————$95

Therapeutic Stretching (1/2 hour)*———————————————————-$60

Therapeutic Massage (1/2 hour)*————————————————————-$60

Therapeutic Cupping (1/2 hour)*————————————————————-$60

Running Analysis————————————————————————————$75

Personal Training**——————————————————————————–$60

Injury Assessment———————————————————————————–$60

Throwing Analysis———————————————————————————-$75

Fall Risk Assessment***—————————————————————————$95

Injury Prevention Screening****————————————————————-$60

Strength and Conditioning Program—————————————Call for details

Telehealth Consultation————————————————————————–$60

*You can combine these services pending your needs

**Per visit rate, discounted rate of $550 for 10 sessions is available

***Per visit rate, discounted rate of $500 for 5 additional sessions is available

****Per player rate, discounted team rates available, call for details

Have questions? Give us a call!