Hip replacements have become much more common in the last decade. Surgical techniques have allowed for quicker recoveries as well. PT2Go works with several orthopedic surgeons that specialize in hip replacements. We have had successful outcomes with the following approaches:

    • Jiffy hip
    • Anterior hip replacement
    • Posterior hip replacement
    • Posterior/lateral hip replacement
    • ORIF of the hip
    • Partial hip replacement

What Can PT2Go Offer?

Our therapists will begin treatment in the home. Once you are ready to drive, we can transition you to one of our 3 locations to progress you and get you back to doing what you love pain free!

We are an independent practice and work with several surgeons and orthopedic groups in the area. Call us prior to your surgery and we can get everything set up for a smooth process after your replacement. It is always your choice on where you get your physical therapy! Our practice focuses on quality of care, not quantity. We provide the best personalized post op approach in the 757 and 252.

Choose the best and call today!


Total Hip Replacement rehab at PT2Go Physical Therapy in Virginia Beach, VA and Moyock NC