If you were able to prevent an injury, would you?

No matter the sport or activity, certain strength, flexibility, and range of motion imbalances can significantly increase your risk of sustaining a serious injury


PT2Go has worked with recreational, high school, collegiate, and professional baseball, volleyball, football, and soccer players and teams in conducting injury prevention screenings. Our Physical Therapy Specialist Research supports screenings in order to address risk factors that, if not addressed, can lead to injuries that require ACL, tommy john, and other serious, career threatening surgeries

Depending on the sport you play, there will be certain measurements we take. After our examination is complete, we notify you of the areas that need work and supply you with an exercise program that will address your deficits, decrease your risk of injury, and help you perform at your best!

Our goal is to keep you and your teammates on the field and performing at your best. We charge a flat fee that includes a typed evaluation of our findings, what needs to be addressed, and exercises that will ultimately decrease you risk of injury and enhance your performance!

Injury Prevention Screening

$55 per player

Team discounts are available

Get ahead of the game and allow you and your team to stay healthy and perform at championship levels. Give us a call today!