The ankle consists of several ligaments that provide protection and allow you to run, cut, jump, and pivot. When these ligaments are stretched too far after performing a movement, an injury occurs. Injuries occur when you

    • “Roll” your ankle
    • Sustain a traumatic event
    • Twist or turn your ankle awkwardly

Types of Ankle Sprains

    • Inversion (most common)
    • Eversion
    • “High” ankle sprain

All sprains can be given different “grades” to determine severity and some people are more susceptible to a sprain.

Treatment for Ankle Sprains

Immediate treatment is key. Once you have sprained your ankle once, it is more likely to happen again without treatment. This could lead to long term issues and ultimately require surgery.

Depending on the severity of the sprain, treatment will focus on getting the swelling and pain down. Once this is done, treatment focuses on strengthening around the ankle and addressing the cause in order to prevent this from happening again.

PT2Go Can Help Your Ankle Injury

A physical therapy specialist at PT2Go can provide immediate treatment after an ankle sprain to promote healing, decrease pain, reduce swelling, and prevent it from happening again. Our therapists are specialized in orthopedic injuries and are up to date the most current treatment strategies.


Ankle Sprain treatment at PT2Go Physical Therapy in Virginia Beach, VA and Moyock NC