What is the Rotator Cuff?

The rotator cuff includes 4 muscles to protect your shoulder, allowing you to move your arm out, overhead, across your body and behind you back, and allow you to carry objects. Injury to one of these muscles can “throw off” your mechanics, causing pain, compensations, and further injuries.

The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body! With this mobility, protection is KEY!

Rotator Cuff Injuries

Rotator cuff tears, or strains, can happen overtime, in a traumatic accident, or a sudden injury. You may have a rotator cuff tear if:

    • pain at night
    • pain with lifting objects
    • weakness or pain with reaching out, across your body, or behind your back
    • increased “popping” or “cracking” with shoulder movements

Pain can be located at the shoulder or down the arm. It is important to know the location of the pain as it can be due to other factors.

Do rotator cuff tears require surgery?

The location and severity of the tear are the key components to determine whether surgery is needed. Rotator cuff tears can heal without surgery.

What if I have a rotator cuff tear?

Call us immediately! We can implement our individualized shoulder program to see if you will respond to physical therapy. Our program addresses:

    • bringing blood flow to the injured area
    • regaining range of motion
    • preventing compensations
    • decreasing pain and inflammation
    • promoting healing
    • regaining strength
    • preventing future injuries

If your symptoms are not improving, we will refer you to the appropriate orthopedic physician for further treatment. We are a local, private practice with no affiliations. We see surgeries from all surgeons in the area and we know who the best are! If surgery is required, we can treat you after with our comprehensive shoulder surgery program for the best outcomes!

Don’t waste time and make things worse, call us today!


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