PT2Go Physical Therapy

Our focus has always been our clients, PT2Go was the only clinic making house calls during the pandemic. We will continue to do what is best for your rehab.

VB physical therapist makes house calls during the coronavirus spread

The difference is the attention to detail

“I got better faster because of the attention to detail. Matt came to my work and treated me during my break. I would highly recommend!”

-Mike M.

I was on vacation in Virginia Beach and I used PT2Go for a few personal training sessions. Excellent workout and because he was a physical therapist too, he even gave me some tips for my shoulder problems. Definitely would recommend.”

-Jeff W.

“I used PT2Go for an injury. Matt informed me of my injury and gave me exercises and stretches to help me heal. Very efficient!”

-Richard H.

“Matt came the first time and I could barely walk. I was using crutches 2 days prior. He was there for an hour and I instantly felt a Million times better. He went straight to the problem and gave me exercises to do in between visits.”

-Chuck B.

Why Choose PT2Go?

Insurance Restrictions

Having a limited number of physical therapy visits you can have per year

Hitting your medicare cap

Having more than one body part that needs to be addressed

You won’t get approved for physical therapy

You have been discharged from home health physical therapy, but still want services in your home

You have not met your deductible and have to pay cash-based rate

You have a high copay or co-insurance

You’re insurance is out of network for a certain clinic and you’re already paying cash based rates

Clinic and Service Limitations

You are not receiving the one on one care you deserve

Clinic scheduling does not suite your availabilty

The clinic you’re attending does not fabricate custom made orthotics

You are not satisfied with your care or progress

There nearest clinic is several miles away from home

You do not have transportation to your treatment sessions

You just underwent surgery and are relying on others for rides to therapy

You want personal training with the supervision of a Doctor of Physical Therapy

You would like your team to receive an injury prevention assessment but are unable to transport everyone to another location other than your practice field or facility

Life and Personal Examples

You have multiple children with varying schedules

You are care taking for a family member

You would like your injury to remain confidential

You are more comfortable in your house or place of your choosing

Please give us a call if you believe you could benefit from our services, we are passionate about what we offer and strive to exceed expectations. PT2Go providing physical therapy in Moyock, North Carolina and Virginia Beach, Virginia.



Dr. Matthew Fiano of PT2Go Physical Therapy