Titleist Performance Institute Golf Assessment

Want to play your best?

Swing efficiently?

Prevent injury?

Stop pain during your swing or when playing?

What is Titleist Performance Institute (TPI)

TPI is the world’s leading educational organization dedicated to the study of how the human body functions in relation to the golf swing. Using this data, TPI discovered how a properly functioning body allows a player to swing a golf club in the most efficient way possible. Additionally, TPI has analyzed how physical limitations in a player’s body can adversely affect the golf swing and potentially lead to injury.

The TPI Institute developed a program to train golf, fitness, and medical professionals to understand the correlation between a golfer’s physical limitations and their swing flaws.

PT2Go has Medical Level 1 and 2 instructors, and the only Medical Level 3 instructor in the 757 and 252 area codes.

What does a PT2Go TPI Golf Assessment Include?

    • Swing assessment
        • Identifies swing characteristics
    • Physical assessment
        • This designed to identify the physical imbalances in strength, range of motion, or flexibility that contribute to common swing faults
    • Treatment

We look at the physical limitations and address them with physical therapy tools. Physical therapists are experts in how the body moves. This assessment allows us to pinpoint areas that

    • Limit performance
    • Affect your swing mechanics
    • Are causing pain
    • Can lead to future injury
Golf TPI
Physical therapist play a key role in keeping professional golfers injury free and performing at their best!

Stop wondering why your back hurts during your follow through or why you aren’t driving as long as you want to.

Call the professionals and stop guessing! We can perform assessments in any of our clinic locations, online, or at a location of your choosing!



Titleist Performance Institute Golf Assessment
Titleist Performance Institute Golf Assessment