Personal training allows you to safely build muscle, lose fat, and live a healthy lifestyle


Having a personal trainer that is also a physical therapists gives you a therapeutic oversight that can help you transform into the new you

Physical therapists are musculoskeletal experts. We safely progress exercises with patients recovering from injuries. In a personal training setting, we are not bound by healing times or post-surgical protocols. This means we can progress your program and push you to reach your goals. Our personal training programs include strengthening, stretching, and education in regards to nutrition and lifestyle changes to assist with your goals.

We have worked with a wide variety of clients, from novices to professional athletes, there’s nothing we can’t work with. Our personal training program is tailored to you. On the first visit we conduct an evaluation and determine your goals. From there, we set a program in place and push you to your potential. Sessions can be purchased individually or in 10 visit increments and are completed at a location of your choosing. Please remember, some gyms do not allow outside trainers in the facility

Single session


10 sessions


We are strength and conditioning certified and have a doctorate of physical therapy. Chose us for your weight loss, lifestyle, or performance goals!